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2015 Submissions

Go Your Own Way Miscellaneous Song

2012 Submissions

2011 Submissions

=Out of Reach= Trance Song
=Ravecraft= Dance Song
=Nightfall= Miscellaneous Song
=Jaded= Dance Song
Jenova Absolute (8-Bit) Video Game Song
FF1 Battle Theme Remix Video Game Song
Russia Privjet (Vigil Style) Dance Song
A7X - Unholy Confessions 8 bit Miscellaneous Song
Altimus Dance Song
Russia Privjet Remix (Demo) Dance Song
Angel Feathers (Demo) Dance Song
Reach For Victory (Demo) Video Game Loop
Plowshares to Swords Classical Song
Chaoz Fantasy (Vigil Mix) Drum N Bass Song
Passive Override Drum N Bass Song
Radiance (Galaxy Mix) Miscellaneous Song
Intensity VI Dance Song
Firecracker Dance Song
Vigil Style! (Melody Demos) Dance Song
Legend of Zelda (Orchestrated) Video Game Song
Breakthrough (Demo) Techno Song
If I Could Fly Techno Song
Heart2Heart Techno Song
My Burning Desire Techno Song
Clash of Destinies 2.0 Video Game Song
DJV - Shockwave Miscellaneous Song
DJV- The Encounter Video Game Song
Hidden in the Mist (BH Song) Techno Song
DJV- Existence Techno Song
DJV- Eternal Techno Song
DJV - Sunny Days Video Game Song
DJV - Rising Sun Dance Song
Lunatic High Dance Song
Decisive Battle Absolute(FFVI) Video Game Song
Fate's Resolve Video Game Song
Clash of Destinies Video Game Song
Basshunter Song (Vigil Mix) Dance Song
Silent Gear (MGS) Classical Song
Mortal Kombat Orion Mix Video Game Song