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Posted by DJVigil - April 24th, 2015

So... a lot of time has passed, I guess life really scoops you up and doesn't let go for a while sometimes, but I've been upgrading my musical abilities and hardware and have finally returned to make some new music. I'll post tracks up here as I make them, but now since it's been so long I actually go under a new name: If We Could Fly.

I'm not sure if I'll make a new account for it yet, otherwise you guys can also find me on Facebook and Soundcloud!


Thanks for all your support!
Much Love,



Posted by DJVigil - August 6th, 2012

Hey guys, just letting you know I am still alive!
Thanks for the continued support, I will hopefully have time to make music again soon.


Posted by DJVigil - January 29th, 2011

I have finally met one of my goals for a song: to get 1000 listens.
Thank you newgrounds for helping me achieve this, it's a real confidence booster.

Be sure to check out If I Could Fly, the song that I'm talking about.

Thank you thank you all.

Posted by DJVigil - May 16th, 2010

Zero-Bombers must die...

Because of complete inconsiderate assholes going around Zero-Bombing stuff that people worked hard on and unfairly get low scores because of them, I am very tempted to make the decision to leave newgrounds and make my music elsewhere...

Good day to you all...

Posted by DJVigil - April 18th, 2010

Well, as of late I feel myself improving as a musician, but I'm not so keen to post them on Newgrounds anymore, because apparently I did better last year. Either people just don't like me now, or I'm getting worse, either way it's kind of frustrating.

I will continue to make more tracks still, hopefully I can make another good one.

Posted by DJVigil - October 25th, 2009

After a long break and a slight time under a different name, I've returned to DJ Vigil with more music to spread to the people of newgrounds!

Thank you all.

Posted by DJVigil - August 30th, 2009

Hello people of Newgrounds.

I have decided to work under a new name, Silent-Force.
I will check this account from time to time for pms or reviews, but all my newer audio submissions will be posted under my new account "Silent-Force"

Please check my other account out, there will be submissions very soon!

Thank you all DJVigil fans and others!